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Playfellow range between Post Rock and some kind of Art Pop - two guitars, fragile-sad vocals, synth- and keyboard-walls come up against driving basslines and grooves. The band was founded in 2003. In 2005 they released their first self-produced EP "Pandemonium" and 2008 their first album "Penumbra" on Sweet Home Records with their first national resonance. This was followed by the second album "Carnival Off" (Sweet Home Records / Broken Silence) at the end of 2010, which attracted wide attention in the international indie-underground. In 2012, in cooperation with electronic artists the remix album "Carnival Off Remixed" was released. For 2015, Playfellow schedule to visit the sound studios once again to finish their upcoming LP…


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Pandemonium [EP-2005]

Penumbra [CD-2008]

Carnival Off [CD-2012]

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