TØSCHE is based in Chemnitz, Saxony and has been DJing for 4 years now. She is founder and resident DJ of the TENSIØN event series which is established in Chemnitz since 2019.
TØSCHE is also a part of the RESET collective, who have organized underground parties for more than 5 years. She is also involved in a female DJ collective, named Women of Techno. This consists of various artists playing all over east Germany.

As a lover of rhythm, she lives for groovy sounds with hypnotic elements. “When I can dance to music, especially to groovy sounds, I can feel the freedom which comes for me with it. I come into a tunnel, which is free of all the mundane. This consists the solely and only of giving free rein to my emotions and feelings.”

But for me is music and the scene behind more than an experience. It’s culture! And culture is a relevant part of a democratic and open society. Culture and the accompanying sense of freedom should be experienced by all people and should serve as a meeting opportunity for everyone.